Update Your Webgility Desktop Extension

Follow these steps to ensure you are using the latest version of Webgility Desktop Extension.

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Update Your Webgility Desktop Extension

Webgility is an evolving software solution and is updated every few weeks. Updates may add new features or enhance existing ones or resolve existing issues and fix bugs.

1. Before updating please ensure:

  • The Webgility Extension is turned off.

  • Your QuickBooks Company file is turned off.

  • There are no orders in the Queued tab in Webgility. See orders here? Then launch the Webgility extension and from the system tray right click on the extension icon, then click Manual Sync Now. This will post the orders in the queue and clear the queue.

2. To get the latest Webgility Extension installation file please contact Webgility Support. Once the extension file is downloaded, open the downloaded folder and double-click on the WebgilityExtensionInstaller file.

3. After clicking on the installer, click Run.

4. Now you will be guided through an installation wizard. When asked about re-installing, click Yes.

5. The installation wizard will then remove the outdated elements of the software and the license agreement will appear. Select I accept the agreement, then click Next.

6. You are then prompted to choose the install location. You can leave the folder provided and click Next to continue.

7. Click Yes to confirm the folder location.

8. Click Next to confirm the start menu folder for the software.

9. If you would like to have a shortcut placed on your desktop, leave the box selected to Create a desktop shortcut and click Next. Don't want a shortcut? Unselect the box and click Next.

10. The last screen of the wizard will review your settings. If you need to make any changes, click Back. Once you are ready, click Install. The installation will take around 3-5 minutes.

11. Leave the box selected to Launch Webgility Extension, then click Finish.

12. The Webgility Extension is now updated to the latest version.

Note: Updating the extension only applies to existing customers who are using Webgility Online with QuickBooks Desktop.

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