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Download the Latest Data from QuickBooks in Webgility Online
Download the Latest Data from QuickBooks in Webgility Online
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1. To download the latest accounting data in Webgility Online, navigate to Sync settings > Products

2. On every tab you will see a Refresh Settings option. Clicking this option will allow you to download the latest data and settings from QuickBooks.

3. Under both the Product and Customer tabs there is a drop-down with options to Refresh the Latest Accounting Data and Download from Scratch.

Download from Scratch will redownload all products and customer information from scratch. This is recommended if the latest data is not reflected in Webgility even after clicking Refresh Latest Accounting Data.

4. Click Refresh Settings to start the data downloading process.

5. This can take several minutes if you have a lot of data in your QuickBooks.

6. Once it downloads the information, you will receive a notification that it is done.

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