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Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.2.0
Release Notes for Webgility Desktop v9.2.0

Check out the completely revamped Scheduler feature, improved error message resources and more, as of March 24, 2022.

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As of March 24th, 2022, the following enhancements are available in Webgility:

  • Improved Scheduler UI/UX

  • Improved error messaging

  • Additional usability improvements


The user experience of the Scheduler has been entirely revamped to improve the user interface. Learn about all of the major enhancements and updates to the scheduler feature, below.

1. Enhanced Scheduler UI/UX

  • The Scheduler icon has been increased in size for easy identification and navigation

  • New dropdown option allows you to quickly access the settings from the Scheduler icon

  • New greeting upon initial launch for an improved setup experience

  • The option to select remember action has been implemented to eliminate recurring popup reminders

2. Stable Processing

  • The Scheduler has been updated to trigger an automatic restart in the case of an unexpected termination

  • Resolved a known issue causing the Scheduler to freeze in various instances

3. Aggregated View

  • Multiple Settings tabs have been condensed into a single screen for improved usability

  • Easy identification of configured versus non-configured stores

  • Improved navigation from one store's settings to the next

  • Store logos have been added in navigation for easy identification

  • Database backup settings are able to be configured from within the same screen

  • Uninterrupted background processing ensures users can view settings, even with Scheduler running


4. Proper Categorization

  • Relevant features and options are grouped so data flow between stores and the accounting system are more easily understood

  • Both download and post actions are now grouped accordingly

  • The display of post orders and product related features have been updated to improve usability

5. Default Settings

  • Upon opening the scheduler for the first time, users will be be prompted with an option to use Default Settings for quick setup

  • New option to download related settings saves users time by not requiring manual input for each store, and allows current store settings to be copied to additional stores

  • Users can adjust Scheduler settings at any time

  • Order download and notification related settings are by default on all posted options - users can now adjust this setting based on their individual preferences

Interested in learning more about the features of Webgility Scheduler? View additional resources here.


The error messaging experience has been revised to provide you with the actual steps to take when an error is encountered so you can quickly implement a solution. With descriptions updated across a significant portion of messages to include direct links to step-by-step guides, you can now take the actions needed to directly resolve any error.



The following updates are included with this release:

  • Shopify users now have the option to archive completed payouts

  • Users can also now export those same payouts

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