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Troubleshoot Amazon FBA Orders Not Downloading
Troubleshoot Amazon FBA Orders Not Downloading

A solution to Amazon FBA orders not being downloaded.

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Troubleshoot Amazon FBA Orders Download Issue


  • Confirm that Webgility has been configured to download Amazon FBA orders. Navigate to Integration> Stores> Manage Stores> Edit Connection, and ensure the 'Enable Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)' option is selected.

  • Verify the Amazon connection to ensure a successful store connection by following the instructions in the help article titled 'How to Test Your Store Connectionโ€™.

  • Next, choose a specific date from which you want to download orders. Navigate to the Dashboard, click the dropdown on the 'Get New Order' button, select 'Order By Range,' choose the desired date for downloading orders, and click 'Save.'.

  • After completing these steps, attempt to download the orders by clicking on 'Get New Order' and wait for the download process to complete. (It might take a few minutes to download orders depending on how many orders there are).

  • Finally, check the FBA orders in Webgility. If the issue persists, please contact Webgility support for assistance.

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