Webgility Desktop is able to create sales orders in lieu of sales receipts in QuickBooks Point of Sale version 18 and earlier.

Due to the nature of sales orders being a non-posting transaction, the workflow for sales orders is different than other transactions.

Posted sales orders transactions need to be converted to a sales receipt and the payment must be applied manually in QuickBooks Point of Sale.

Therefore, Webgility Desktop is unable to include how an order was paid when creating the sales order. However, the payment method will be shown in the instructions in the actual Sales Order.

Note: If you are using Intuit Merchant Services, when accepting the payment on the sale order, it is recommended that you use a non-posting payment method such as a check, so as not to accidentally double charge a customer.

When a sales order is posted to QuickBooks Point of Sale inventory levels are not affected as the quantity is adjusted when the sales order is converted to a sales receipt.

It is recommended that you use available quantity for inventory syncing purposes when using Webgility Desktop. Available quantity is decremented when sales orders are created.

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