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Recommended Transactional Settings for Webgility Online
Recommended Transactional Settings for Webgility Online

The recommended settings to post orders individually as a sales receipt to QuickBooks.

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To post every order individually as a sales receipt to QuickBooks, follow the recommended steps below.


1. Navigate to Settings > Accounting. Then select Every Order Individually as a Sales Receipt.

2. Click Yes in the pop-up to confirm the change.

3. The top menu will change to reflect the change in the accounting posting.


4. On the Transactions tab, you will set up how the individual transactions will manifest in your accounting solution. The recommended settings below are ideal for most customers.

  1. Select Single transaction types

  2. Post the transactions as Sales Receipts

  3. Deposit to a clearing account or undeposited funds

  4. The payment method should match the online store

  5. Transaction numbers should be assigned by QuickBooks

  6. Transaction date as order date

  7. Shipping date as the shipping date. Note: unshipped orders will default to the order date

  8. The memo should be Online Order number

  9. No default message displayed

  10. Set product description as online product name

  11. Reference number set to transaction ID

Additional Settings:

5. Additional Settings expands into several optional settings. These can be left unselected for now. Make sure you Save the settings before moving on with the configuration.


6. Product Settings is where you determine your matching criteria between your sales channel and QuickBooks. Most commonly this is done by linking the Product SKU from the online store to the QuickBooks Online item name.

This screen also dictates how Webgility will behave when a product does not match automatically with an item in QuickBooks Online. This is highlighted in Red in the image below. The recommended selection is to Map the product to what it should be in QBO. This will prompt you to map it accordingly when the order is posted.


6. Customer Settings allow you to choose how to match the existing customers in QuickBooks. The default settings are, FirstName LastName to Customer Name, and Email to Email these settings work best for most situations. The other settings on this page are how Webgility will create a new customer when there is no match to an existing one in QuickBooks Online. After finishing the setup, Save the settings.


7. Discount Settings allows you to select a discount line item to use when posting a discount to QuickBooks. Select Save to save the settings.

Sales Tax

8. In the Sales Tax Settings area, you will need to select the Sales Tax Item used to record your sales tax, then click Save.


9. Refunds Settings allow you to specify how your refund transactions will manifest in QuickBooks Online. The shown recommended settings will create a refund receipt and pay it out of the clearing account. The other selections on this screen are optional and are not usually adjusted in most cases. Save the settings when you are done.

Note: this area will not appear if your shopping cart is not supported for refunds with Webgility Online.

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