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Online Discounts with QuickBooks POS & Webgility Desktop
Online Discounts with QuickBooks POS & Webgility Desktop

Learn more about working with online discounts.

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There are two types of discounts, item level discounts and subtotal discounts.

Item Discounts affect the price of a single line item within an order.

  • For example, $5.00 off a pair of gloves

Subtotal Discounts affect the total amount of all items before additional charges like shipping or sales tax are applied.

  • For example, 15% off the order when the total is $150 or more.

Both types of discounts can be applied to a single order. Here is a Shopify order with both types of discounts:

When working with discounts and QuickBooks Point of Sale, it is recommended that you apply all discounts as a line item in the sales receipt. Why? Because if it is applied as a subtotal discount on the sales receipt, then it will divide the discount among all items in the transaction. This can cause problems with item-level discounts and line item tax reporting.

  1. You will need to download the latest data from QuickBooks Point of Sale. Navigate to Integrations > Get Latest Data & Settings.

2. In the pop-up window click Download Data. This can take several minutes if you have a lot of data in your QuickBooks Point of Sale.

3. Once complete, close the pop-up and navigate to Integrations > Stores > Settings.

4. In this screen select Get discounts as a line item, then click Save & Continue and close the screen.

5. Now when you download orders the discounts should appear in the body of the transaction. You will notice that the discount code becomes the SKU.

When you post your first order with a specific discount code to QuickBooks Point of Sale, you will be prompted to map it to the discount item you created above.

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