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Recommended Posting Settings for QuickBooks POS
Recommended Posting Settings for QuickBooks POS

Learn about the basic recommended posting settings for QuickBooks POS.

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1. To get started, go to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings.

Posting Rules

  1. Select How to Post Orders: Post each order individually

  2. Transaction Type: Use sales receipt for all orders

  3. If items are out of stock: Do not check for out-of-stock items

  4. Cashier/Associate Name: Name after the online store

  5. Payment Mappings: Leave blank unless otherwise noted in the implementation

  6. Enable Related Transactions: Leave blank unless otherwise noted in the implementation

Transaction Settings

  1. Transaction Date: Order Date

  2. Item Description: Online Product name + Options

  3. Transaction Memo: Order #

  4. Ship Date: Ship Date

  5. Check number field: Transaction ID

  6. Option Settings: Leave unchecked unless noted during implementation

  7. Display these related fields in the transaction: These will populate the note on the transaction. All are optional.


  1. Select Product Matching Criteria for Online Orders

    • Identify products in the online store with SKU #/Product ID/ Module

    • Identify Products in QuickBooks POS with Item Number

  2. Specify what to do when matching products are not found in QuickBooks POS:

    • Prompt to create or map the product at the time of posting


  1. Select customer matching criteria for the online store

    • Use this matching rule: FirstName LastName

  2. If no matching customer is found

    • Create a new customer:

      1. Use this name format: FirstName LastName

      2. Set this customer type: Optional

      3. If blank, set the last name: Billing FirstName

      4. Set customer notes: Customer Comments

  3. Repeat Customer Settings:

    • Leave unchecked unless noted in the implementation

  4. Customer Sync Settings:

    • Leave checked unless noted in the implementation

Sales Tax

Before you begin this segment, review your current tax situation. Below are recommended settings that are the most applicable when working with QuickBooks Point of Sale, but they may not apply to your specific situation. Learn more about QuickBooks Point of Sale and e-commerce taxes, here.

  1. Select how to handle sales tax:

    • Record sales tax calculated from an online store as a line item in QuickBooks POS:

      • Use this tax location: Select your online sales tax location.

      • Use this tax item: Select your online sales tax item. Learn how to set this up, here.

  2. Enable a mix of taxable and non-taxable items:

    • Select the box

    • Select QuickBooks POS item for taxable products: Tax

    • Select Quickbooks POS item for non-taxable products: Non

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