Duplicate Orders Posting by Webgility Desktop

Learn why duplicate orders are being posted to Webgility.

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Duplicate Orders Posting by Webgility Desktop

A duplicate order posting issue may occur in your accounting software when multiple transactions are posted via Webgility for the same order.

Webgility could post duplicate orders when:

1. When accepting an update, if you haven't already unsynced the transaction, you will receive a prompt to do so. If you proceed without unsyncing the transaction, the system will redownload the order with the update. However, when you post the updated order back into your accounting software, it will create a duplicate transaction for the same order.

2. If you redownload any order manually without unsyncing it. Then post the order back into your accounting software. Webgility will create a duplicate transaction for the same order.

3. Although it is a rare scenario, it is possible that a manual transaction posting and a scheduled posting for the same order could happen simultaneously in your accounting software. (Do not manually post orders with the Scheduler running)


1. If you are using the Webgility Desktop app on multiple machines, please make sure that the Webgility Scheduler is running on only one computer. Running the scheduler on multiple machines can cause conflicts and result in unexpected behavior.

2. To check if an order has been posted multiple times via Webgility, please open the order and navigate to the History tab. The logs in this tab will provide information about any duplicate postings, as well as the cause of the issue.

3. If you are using the Scheduler to post orders and have the Scheduler running at two different computers, this could lead to duplicate posting. Make sure the Scheduler is running on the admin (recommended) machine only.

4. Constantly quitting the scheduler using the Task Manager may produce a duplicate order, but it is a very rare occurrence.

Please contact Webgility Support if you face issues like duplicate orders or the scheduler getting stuck.

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