Label Printing Issues

Learn how to troubleshoot and resolve package label printing options.

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Package labels are not printing, or are not printing correctly.


Typically, this is caused by inconsistent or incompatible printer settings across multiple places in Webgility and the operating system.


Check printer settings and properties in all applicable locations. Some specific areas to review are listed below.

  • Packing Slip Printer Options

    • Navigate to Store Settings

    • Go to Packing Slip

    • Select Printer Options tab

  • Shipping Printer

    • Navigate to Store Settings

    • Go to Shipping

    • Select the appropriate shipping tab (i.e.,

  • Shipping Processor Configuration

    • Navigate to Store Settings

    • Go to Shipping

    • Select Shipping Rules

    • Click on the Configure link for the appropriate shipping processor

  • Default printer settings for Microsoft Windows

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