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How to Configure Amazon Buy Shipping & Track Amazon Seller Prime Orders
How to Configure Amazon Buy Shipping & Track Amazon Seller Prime Orders

Learn how to configure the Amazon store for Amazon Buy Shipping, and prioritize Amazon Prime shipping orders.

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  • Ensure that you are successfully connected to both your Amazon store and QuickBooks.

  • Then make sure that all settings and data have been downloaded from both applications.

How To Configure the Amazon Store

1. From the menu, navigate to Integration > Shipping > Shipment Settings.

2. In the Shipment Settings screen:

  • Under Do you Ship Orders? select Yes and under Use Webgility to process Shipping Labels, select the platforms that you utilize.

  • Be sure to select Amazon.

  • This will enable Amazon Buy Shipping and Shipping Rules tabs.

  • Click Save & Continue.

3. Under the Shipping Cost navigate to Integration > Expenses and Fees. Here implement the following configurations:

  • If you want to record the shipping cost select Record shipping cost. This will display the provider name in the table.

  • From the Option drop-down box of the table, click how you want to record the shipping cost: Bill (Paid), Bill (Unpaid), or Check

Note: For Amazon Buy Shipping, you need to select the Bill (Paid) option and then click Setup.

  • If you want to record Webgility insurance, select Record Webgility insurance as a bill.

  • Under Shipment Processing options, select the appropriate options.

  • If you want to add a third party, click Add Third Party.

  • Click Save & Next to move to the Expenses and Fees tab.

4. Under Amazon Buy Shipping:

  • Type the path where you want to save your labels in the Save Labels Here field or click Browse to select the desired path.

  • If you want to enable international shipping labels, select Enable International Shipping Labels

  • Under Domestic Label Printer Settings, select the correct printer from the Select Printer drop-down box.

  • Select Prioritize Amazon Seller Prime Orders for Shipping checkbox to ensure that all Amazon Prime Orders are displayed in Unify on a priority basis, based on the selected dates.

  • Click Save & Next to move to the Shipping Rules tab. Then click Close to close the screen.

Track Amazon Buy Shipping Orders

1. Open Webgility Desktop.

2. Click New Orders to display the list of orders.

3. Under New Orders, click Prime. All Amazon Seller Prime Orders are displayed in this column.

Note: You need to have the Prime column enabled in the display settings dialog box so you track the correct Amazon Prime orders.

4. You can further review these orders, make any changes, and proceed with other tasks such as posting these orders to QuickBooks, processing shipping, and more.

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