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Accounting Consultation for Webgility Desktop and QuickBooks
Accounting Consultation for Webgility Desktop and QuickBooks

Learn more about what to expect from your QuickBooks Advisor session.

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When you are working with our team, we will gain a good understanding of the state of your data in QuickBooks. Your questions during setup and training will help us determine what you may need to continue to improve its structure.
We will conduct an assessment to understand what would be most beneficial to cover and address in your one-hour consultation. Based on your unique needs, a QuickBooks Advisor will be matched with your business.

How to Prepare for Your Quickbooks Advisor Session

It is important to have your QuickBooks user or accountant present in this session as this is session is very focused on QuickBooks, and they may have questions that need to be addressed by the QuickBooks ProAdvisor.

Who to Get Involved in the QuickBooks Advisor Session

  • Webgility user/department: This is the person or department who will be using Webgility day to day. They know and understand how Unify Enterprise has been setup to push information into QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks user/accountant: The setup of the store profile in Webgility Desktop will utilize areas of QuickBooks. It is important that whoever manages QuickBooks attend to make sure QuickBooks is being set up correctly.

What the QuickBooks Advisor Session Will Cover

  • General best practices for using the product with your business rules and QuickBooks

  • Workflow analysis in QuickBooks

  • QuickBooks setup for integration with online sales channels

  • Training on key QuickBooks features and business reports

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