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Set Up eBay Expenses & Fees in Webgility Desktop
Set Up eBay Expenses & Fees in Webgility Desktop

Follow these steps to set up eBay expenses and fees.

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Set Up eBay Expenses & Fees in Webgility Desktop

eBay is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers can buy and sell goods and services. eBay charges fees to sellers including, listing fees, final value fees, and payment processing fees.

Final value fees are charged when an item sells on eBay. This fee is a percentage of the total sale price, including shipping and handling costs.

Payment processing fees are charged to sellers. When a buyer pays for an item using eBay's preferred payment processor they receive fees. These fees are typically a percentage of the total transaction value.

Webgility downloads the eBay Expense & Fee details along with the order.

eBay Expense & Fee Configuration

  • Navigate to Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings

  • Go to Expenses & Fees, select Yes, for "Do you want to record expenses and fees?

  • Check Download individual coupon code as Coupon fee

  • Go to Select how you would like to record the expenses & fees: Record eBay and Paypal fees separately, and select Bll Paid from the dropdown for eBay final value fees: & Paypal fees

  • Click Setup to configure Bill (Paid)

  • Select Save & Continue to save your Transaction options.

  • Navigate to Orders>eBay>Invoice

  • Then go to eBay invoice, download the invoice, then select the invoice you want to post to QuickBooks on the left and click Post Expenses & Fees to QuickBooks.

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