Canceled View in Webgility Desktop

Canceled View in Webgility Desktop

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Canceled View in Webgility Desktop

Canceled Order View:

The canceled tab contains a list of all the orders that have been canceled using Webgility.

Three things to keep in mind regarding Canceled views:

  1. No functions can be performed on canceled orders. If you need them to be re-instated, you will need to make a new order in the online store and download it to Webgility.

  2. Just because an order can be canceled within Webgility does not mean the customer is refunded their payment. After canceling an order, you will want to check in at your online store to see if the order was canceled and refunded there as well.

  3. You can move orders from the Canceled view to the Trash by clicking the Trash Can icon when you hover over the order.

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