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How to change your Webgility login email details
How to change your Webgility login email details

Follow these steps to change the primary email address on your account.

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At Webgility, you will use two login credentials on a regular basis:

  1. Your My Account/Portal login credentials (where you manage your account details, billing, etc.)

  2. Your product login credentials (to access Webgility Desktop or Webgility Online)

Note: Your administrator login and product login can be different from one another. Changing one will not change the other.

Changing your My Account/Portal login

1. Go to and enter your login details.

2. Once you have logged into the portal, from the Home dashboard, locate the Profile section and click on Edit. This will only change your administrator details. Important: This is the email that receives all billing information regarding the subscription.

3. Click edit primary email.

4. Enter your new primary email and click Ok.

Changing your product login credentials

1. Select the Add-ons tab in the left-hand navigation, then select edit under Actions.

3. Enter the new email address you'd like to use, then click Ok.

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