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How to Create Product Variations in eBay
How to Create Product Variations in eBay

Learn how you can create product variations in eBay with Webgility

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1. In the Selling Manager Pro area, select Inventory.

2. In Create product provide a Product Name and a Custom Label, this will be your SKU identified. Then click Create Variations.

3. Assign to a category and click Continue.

4. At this stage, you are crafting the variation set and eBay will utilize it to create your combinations.

5. After you add your product variation, you will begin to define the attributes of that set.

6. Add details about the product that highlight its uniqueness.

7. eBay will build your variation combination based on the variation set, or details and attributes.

8. After the variation has been created, you can now assign a quantity to each in eBay. Each variation will have a custom SKU and can be changed at any time.

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