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How to Map Multiple Currencies in Webgility Desktop
How to Map Multiple Currencies in Webgility Desktop

Simply follow these steps to map countries and currencies in Webgility.

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This article outlines how to set up Webgility to work with QuickBooks in multiple-currencies. Most US-based stores will only accept US dollars as payment, but some marketplaces and other unique circumstances may make multi-currency required.
​You will need the following in QuickBooks:

  • Multi-currency turned on

  • A customer for each currency

1. When you are ready to start configuring the multi-currency setup in Webgility, go to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings.

2. Select Customers. Then choose Use this customer for all orders, and Map customer currency.

3. Or, you can select Create a New Customer. Then choose Map customer currency.

4. Next, choose how you want to map currency. You have three options, including:

  • Map by Store Currency

  • Map by Country

  • Map by Price Level

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