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How to Connect Webgility Desktop with Salesforce
How to Connect Webgility Desktop with Salesforce

Simply follow these steps to connect Webgility Desktop with Salesforce.

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After successful configuration of customer settings, the next stage is to configure the CRM settings. You can use the CRM setup screen to integrate your existing Salesforce account with Webgility.
1. To get started, go to Integrations > CRM > Salesforce > Connect & Setup.

2. If you select Yes, you need to connect to your Salesforce account by entering your Salesforce credentials, including your user name, password, and security token. If you select No, you can directly click Save & Close which will direct you to the Store Product Settings tab in the Products screen.
​Not sure how to find your security token? Scroll down for instructions.

3. Next, map custom fields and click Save.

4. Finally, you will receive a message once Salesforce is successfully connected.

How to Get Your Salesforce Security Token

1. Log in to your Salesforce account and click Setup.

2. Under Administration, select Users' then click on the System Administrator's username.

3. Under Authentication for External Settings, click New.

4. Select Reset Security Token.

5. You will then receive your security token via email.

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