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How to create Purchase Orders for Dropship Items
How to create Purchase Orders for Dropship Items

Set up and use dropshipping with Webgility Desktop

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When you have non-inventory items listed in the product inventory and you are not tracking quantity for them, you can have these items flagged as dropship within Webgility to create a purchase order in accounting.

1. The option you need to select in Webgility is located in the posting settings. Specifically, Integrations> Accounting/POS/ERP> Posting Settings.

2. Click the box next to Enable purchase orders. Then, click the Purchase Order tab.

3. Select the option For items marked as dropship in Webgility.

4. To flag your specific items within the Webgility inventory module, go to Products> Quickbooks> All Products. Select the item or items you wish to mark as dropship, then click on the dropship button on the lower left. You will see a truck icon appear next to the item or items when done.

5. If you need to remove the dropship selection from an item, select the dropship truck icon.

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