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Using Webgility Desktop with Multiple QuickBooks Files
Using Webgility Desktop with Multiple QuickBooks Files
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While a user can connect different stores to different QuickBooks files in a single Webgility account, it is not recommended due to the automation limitations and manual processes.

QuickBooks only allows Webgility to access one company file at a time, and each store in Webgility is pointed towards a different QuickBooks file on that computer. Therefore to access multiple QuickBooks files a Webgility user will have to launch the specific company file and perform operations in the Webgility store which is connected to that Quickbooks file and then switch to the next store and launch that specific company file.

Frequently Asked Questions

If multiple online stores are connected to different QuickBooks Data files within one Webgility Desktop account, will the automation work for all the stores?

No, it will not work for all the stores. It will only work for the store for which the QuickBooks file is open. QuickBooks only allows access to one company file at a time.

Even if it is connected this way, we will have to launch the specific company file and switch to the store in Webgility which is connected to this QuickBooks file. This would be a manual process.

What is the best way for Webgility Desktop to connect two Quickbooks files with different stores so that the automation can work properly?

In this case you will need to have two Webgility subscriptions with two different workstations wherein respective QuickBooks files would be open for the automation so that it can work properly.

Is there any way to have Webgility automation work with two QuickBooks files on one computer?

No, because of QuickBooks limitations in which it does not allow Webgility to communicate to different files simultaneously.

Can I keep multiple QuickBooks files open on the Webgility computer so Webgility can continue to sync?

No, because Webgility can not sync the data to a connected QuickBooks file if multiple instances of QuickBooks are open with multiple files.

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