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How to Integrate Mailchimp
How to Integrate Mailchimp
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Integrating MailChimp and Webgility provides large scale enterprise businesses with the option to sync customer data to build targeted campaigns to send marketing emails and automated messages. Simply follow these steps to connect Webgility and Mailchimp to sync customer data.

1. Navigate to Integrations in the menu, select Others then select MailChimp and click on Connect & Setup.

2. In order to integrate MailChimp with Webgility you need to have both your MailChimp account name and the corresponding API key. You will then input this information in Webgility to connect.

Where can you find your MailChimp Account Name and API Key?

MailChimp users with Admin or Manager level permissions can generate and view their own API keys. Users with Admin permissions can also view the API keys for other account users. Follow these steps to locate your API keys:

  • Login to your Mailchimp account and click on your account name at the bottom left corner of the main menu.

  • Select Account and then Extras

  • Choose API keys from the drop-down menu and the click Create A Key, and copy your key to configure in Webgility

Note: your Mailchimp account may have more than one API key as there can be different keys for different applications.

Sync your online store’s customer details in Mailchimp with Webgility by following the path: Customers > Customer list > Online Customers

If you do not see your online customer list here, click the Get Customers button. Then, individually select the customers and click the Sync Customer button.

Note: This feature is available for all online stores in Webgility except Amazon. If the online store API does not support providing the Customer Data, Webgility uses customer emails from the Orders details.

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