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Frequently Asked Questions: Assembly Items and Group Items
Frequently Asked Questions: Assembly Items and Group Items
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Assembly Items

Does Webgility auto build assemblies when posting online orders as Invoices, Sales Orders, or Sales Receipts in QuickBooks Desktop?

Yes, there is a feature within Webgility Desktop that can be turned on to build assembly items when posting orders to QuickBooks. When this is turned on it will also factor in whether the respective components are in stock and therefore available to build the final assembly.

As long as Webgility finds the order’s assembly items both matching and available in QuickBooks, the assembly can then be auto-built during order posting.

What if the assembly build fails while Webgility is posting the order?

If QuickBooks does not have enough quantities to build assembly, there are two options:

  1. Do not post the order and move the order to the error tab within Webgility instead. This can be found by navigating to Orders > Optional Settings, then select the checkboxes for both Build assembly products before creating transaction and Move order to error tab if build assembly fail.

2. Post the order with a negative quantity for the assembly item in QuickBooks.

Where can I find the Assembly Build settings in Webgility Desktop?

You can enable this option by navigating to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings. Under Order settings, select the Optional Settings tab and under Customize post options [see image above], then enable Build Assembly products before creating transaction option.

Can Webgility Desktop auto build assemblies when posting sales orders?

Yes, Webgility build assembly feature works for sales orders.

Can Webgility sync the price and quantity of an assembly item from QuickBooks to my online store?

Yes, if the assembly item has any assigned quantities and or prices, Webgility Desktop can sync it with your online store.

Group Items

Can Webgility post orders that have group items with their Quickbooks price, not the order price? Does it also have the ability to post the price difference?

Yes, Webgility can post group item prices on the transaction using the QuickBooks prices. It can also adjust the price difference in a predefined adjustment service item.

To enable this option, go to Integrations Menu > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings. Select the Optional Settings in the Orders section.

Select the checkbox for Post store group item price as QuickBooks and adjust difference amount with below options. Then define Set Adjustment under by selecting the preferred item from the dropdown and click Save & Continue.

Can Webgility post group items as individual items when posting orders to QuickBooks? Does it also provide the option to set QuickBooks sales price when group items post as individual items ?

Yes, navigate to Integrations Menu > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings. Go to the Orders section and select the Optional Settings tab. Then select either or both of the following based on the settings you need.

  • Under More configurations select the checkbox for Post group item(s) as individual items.

  • Under Customize post options select Set QuickBooks sales price when group item post as individual item.

Can Webgility sync the price or quantity for group items?

A group item does not have its own price or quantities in QuickBooks Desktop, therefore Webgility is able to sync this. The group item price is based on the aggregate price of its components.

For example, Group Item ABC has three components: A, B, and C. Each of these components has a price of $10 so Webgility will sync the sum of the individual item’s price as the group item price. The price of Group Item ABC would be $30.

Find the settings by going to Products Menu > Settings > Sync Settings.

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