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Advanced Inventory Settings in Webgility Desktop
Advanced Inventory Settings in Webgility Desktop

Learn how to configure advanced inventory options in the Webgility Desktop application.

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  1. To enable the Advanced Inventory feature, navigate to Integration> Accounting> Posting Settings> Products. Select the Default inventory site for this store. This will post the transactions to QuickBooks in the specified inventory site only.

2. If you want to select an alternate inventory site when the necessary quantity is unavailable in the defined inventory location, you will need to enable Track inventory in multiple locations.

​​Note: Selecting Override the inventory site will override the inventory site locations specified or defined based on the product levels. Navigate to Product> Mapping> Inventory Site to always use the default inventory site selected in the product tab in posting settings.

3. Map Inventory sites based on different locations, states, countries, and tags.

Note: The tag option only works with a Shopify store.

4. To map inventory sites based on individual items navigate to Products> Mapping> Inventory Sites.

5. Select the product and choose the Inventory site and Bin location. You can leave the Bin Location blank if no mapping is required.

6. Then, save your mapping selections by clicking Save.

Note: We must first enable advanced inventory tracking in Quickbooks before configuring advanced inventory in Webgility.

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