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How to Connect Magento 2 and Higher with Webgility Desktop
How to Connect Magento 2 and Higher with Webgility Desktop

Follow these steps to connect Webgility Desktop with Magento 2 and higher.

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How to Connect Magento 2 and Higher with Webgility Desktop

In this article, we will discuss how to connect Webgility Desktop with your Magento 2 or higher. If you are using Magento 2 or higher, you will need to retrieve the access token located in the Admin area of Magento.

We have divided the article into four parts. Please follow the steps below to retrieve the token and connect:

Part 1: Enable the “Admin Base URL” on your Magento 2 Store

A: Log in to your Magento account with your admin credentials.

B: Go to System> Configuration

C: Click Advanced> Admin

D: Enable the Admin Base URL. You may need to check with your store admin in order to get it enabled.

Part 2: Enable “OAuth” by referring to the below steps

A: Go to the menu item Stores> Configuration

B: Click Services> OAuth

C: Select Consumer Settings. Click the dropdown and choose Yes next to Allow OAuth Access Token to be Used.

D: Click Save Config

Part 3: Add Integration:

A: Go to System> Integrations

B: Add a new integration by clicking Add New Integration.

C: Name the Integration as Webgility_Magento. Type in your store login email address and password.

D: You now have two options to proceed:

Option 1: Provide All resource access to the API, by selecting from the dropdown menu under Available APIs.

Option 2: Provide Custom resource access to the API by selecting from the dropdown menu under Available APIs.

E: Activate the new Webgility integration by selecting Activate.

F: Once you select the Activate option you’ll see the permission access tab. Grant access permission by clicking Allow.

G: Copy the Access Token and paste it into the notepad and then click Save.

H: The integration with Webgility will be activated once you save the access permission tab by clicking Done.

Part 4: Connecting with Webgility:

A: Go to Webgility and select Add a Store. Under the Select Store field, choose Magento 2 and Higher option.

B: Enter the Admin Base URL we created earlier and paste the Access token. Then click Connect to Magento.

C: Troubleshooting Step: If you receive an error message, then use the main URL of your store instead of the Admin Base URL, along with the Access Token, and click on Connect to Magento.

D: Click Continue which will then take you to the QuickBooks connection screen.

Once there, here is your guide on How to Connect Webgility to Quickbooks.

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