How to Connect with eBay

Follow these steps to connect Webgility with eBay

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1. Once you have logged into Webgility go to Integrations > Stores > Manage Stores. If adding a new connection select Add New Store.

2. To update the connection on the Manage Stores screen click Edit Connection on the eBay profile. If you are adding a new store, skip this step.

Add a New Connection

3. Make sure eBay is the selected store type and the connection has a name. Click Continue.

4. On the next screen click Connect to eBay to reauthorize Webgility Desktop and re-establish the connection to the eBay account using new Oauth flow.

5. A browser window will appear and you will need to enter the credentials of eBay account admin to connect Webgility to eBay.

6. After entering the credentials click Sign in. You will see a popup to allow Webgility to access the eBay account. Then click I agree.

7. Once you click I agree, you will see a message from Webgility that it successfully connected with eBay and you can close the browser window. Return to Webgility and click Continue.

8. Next, fill in your company's information and click Continue. If you are simply updating a connection, click Save Store.

9. At this point, new connections will now move on to the accounting/POS connection flow. Updated connections will get a message that the store information has been successfully updated.

Note: If you have multiple eBay stores, you will need to follow the same process for all your eBay stores.

Using a version lower than You will get an upgrade notification so you can update to the latest version. Not sure how? Learn here.

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