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How to Import Tracking IDs via CSV File and Post to Store
How to Import Tracking IDs via CSV File and Post to Store
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Learn how to import your tracking IDs for shipping into Webgility Desktop via CSV files. Then learn how to post them to your online store.

To import the tracking ID for your orders, you will need a CSV file with the tracking information to import into Webgility Desktop. To get started, please follow the steps below.


1. Prepare your .csv by including the following information:

  • Order number

  • Ship date

  • Shipping method

  • Shipping carrier

  • Tracking ID

.CSV file for Post to Store

2. From the Shipping menu in the Webgility dashboard, navigate to the Import Tracking Information option and then click Next.

Import Tracking Information
Import Tracking Information Wizard

3. From the Import Tracking Information page, import the .csv file and click Next.

Import .csv file

4. Map the Webgility Field Names with the .csv file columns and click Next.

Map Field Names

5. Once the mapping is successful, click OK in the popup message, then click Next.

Save Mappings

6. Select the orders you would like to import. Once they are successfully imported, close the window.

Select orders to import
Order Updated Successfully

7. Once the tracking information is imported you will see this information in the order Details page. The order status will also have changed to Shipped.

Shipped Order Status

8. To update the tracking information in your online store, select the specific orders from the orders page and click Post to Store.

Post to store

9. The updated information should now be displayed in your online store.

Update online store

10. You can also set Post to Store rules within Webgility Desktop to automate this process. To do so, navigate to Orders > Automation Rules > Posting Updates.

Posting updates to store

11. Then select the time you want orders posted to the store from the dropdown options.

Time to post orders to the store

12. Be sure to also enable the Post Updates to Store option in the Webgility Scheduler to activate your automation.

Post Updates to Store

13. To learn more about setting up and configuring, watch this video tutorial.


Importing tracking details through .csv files is a manual process as you need to select the correct information to include within the .csv files.

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