Connect Webgility Online with QuickBooks Online

Follow these steps to get Webgility connected with QuickBooks Online

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Connect Webgility Online with QuickBooks Online

You will need to link Webgility to QuickBooks Online after setting up your first sales channel.

Webgility Online has the capability to integrate with QuickBooks Online US, UK, CA, and AU.

To integrate Webgility with your accounting software, follow the steps below:


1). Navigate to Settings> Connections and click Add Accounting

2). It will take you to a new window where you can choose which version of QuickBooks you want to connect with Webgility Online

3). Here you will have to select QuickBooks Online, then click Connect to QuickBooks

4). In the next window, it will take you to the login screen of QuickBooks Online.

5). Once QuickBooks is signed in it will take you to the Accounting Preferences screen, here the settings will be selected by default:

6). QuickBooks Online is now successfully connected with Webgility Online

7). You’re all set up.


If you are connecting QuickBooks Online for the very first time please refer to this link

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