Have you connected your storefront, inventory management or shipping application as a sales channel in Webgility Online? Do you have duplicate orders coming in? Now, you can configure to merge duplicate orders and sync to your accounting solution.

When you refresh orders or get new orders from your sales channels, Webgility will tell you that it has detected duplicate orders and will ask you what steps you would like to do.

1. Click I Want to Merge.

2. When you click I'm Ready, Let's Go!, Webgility will begin to merge duplicate orders.

3. All duplicate orders will be merged into one row and displayed under Sales > By Dates with a status Multiple Merged in the Store column.

4. When you hover over the Multiple Merged, it will display the name of sales channel the order belongs to.

Note: the sync settings used will be those of your direct channel/storefront. For example, if you have SkuVault and Shopify, in this instance Shopify will be the storefront or the direct channel.

5. The settings for the direct channel can be accessed by going to Settings > Accounting.

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