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Add Additional Users & Sales Channels
Add Additional Users & Sales Channels

Learn how to add additional users and sales channels to your subscription.

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1. Go to and enter your login details.

2. Select Add-ons. From this dashboard, you will be able to see how many users and sales channels you have available in your subscription and how many of each you are using.

To purchase additional users or stores, scroll down and click Purchase More Users or Sales Channels.

3. The next screen will guide you to purchase the add-ons you need and will display the total cost due today. Once you have selected your options, click Continue to complete your purchase.

4. Once your payment is accepted, the add-ons are instantly added to your account.

Any additional users purchased can be managed from the Add-ons dashboard in the portal, and any additional sales channels can be added and configured from the product (Webgility Desktop or Webgility Online) directly.


You may need to restart Webgility Desktop for the changes to appear.

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