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How to Connect a Trading Partner with SPS Commerce and Webgility Desktop
How to Connect a Trading Partner with SPS Commerce and Webgility Desktop

Follow these steps to connect a trading partner with SPS Commerce and Webgility.

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Connecting to SPS for EDI documents operates in Webgility similarly to connecting to an online store sales channel.

  1. To begin, simply select SPS Commerce from the connections list and name your first EDI partner.

2. Click Continue. You will then be prompted to enter your Trading Partner ID from SPS Commerce. This is the unique identifier that SPS will assign to your account for a particular Trading Partner. Enter this in the first field, then select the type of Trading Partner from the dropdown. Finally, enter your SFTP Username and Password for SPS Commerce to initialize the connection.

Connect to your ERP or Accounting System

3. The last step before configuration is to connect to your ERP or accounting system. If you've already connected your accounting system to another sales channel, you can simply copy from an existing connection, or connect a new file from this screen.

Note: Connecting to the ERP or accounting system will only establish the data connection and allow you to further configure it. No immediate changes to the accounting system will occur. Now you are ready to configure your Trading Partner.

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