QuickBooks Company File Size Limitations

Learn about QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise file size limitations.

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QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise file size limitations.

There is a limit to how much information can be stored within a QuickBooks company file. This is what Intuit says about company file size limits:

  • Pro & Premiere: Company file limit of 250MB.

  • Enterprise: Company file limit of 1.5GB.

The Impact

  • Connecting overloaded company files to Webgility Desktop may result in an extended wait time for downloading data from QuickBooks.

  • Adding additional data to a company file that has already reached its limit can result in complete and unrecoverable data loss within the company file.

The Warning Signs

  • Reports taking up to 45 - 60 seconds to run

  • Item list reaching 14,500 entries

  • Vendor, Employee, or Customer lists reaching up to 14,500 entries

  • QuickBooks Database fragment is between 15 - 19 (identified as critical), 20 and above (identified as severe danger)

How to Move Forward

A new company file must be created and truncated data from the old company file needs to be migrated over. This is a long process that can take hours and should only be handled by QuickBooks ProAdvisors who are trained in this process.

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