Scheduler Settings Are Not Saving

Troubleshoot scheduler settings not saving

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Troubleshoot scheduler settings not saving

If you experience problems saving the scheduler settings, we will explore how to troubleshoot the same in this article.

To fix the issue we'll turn off the scheduler, ensure that it does so entirely, and restart it.

How to exit the Scheduler:

  • Click on the system tray.

  • Right-click on the Scheduler icon.

  • Select Exit.

  • Open Windows Task Manager and go to the Details tab.

  • Scroll down to the bottom.

  • If you do not find “UnifyScheduler.exe” in the task manager, then Scheduler is turned off completely. Restart the Scheduler and it will save your configuration.

  • If you find two “UnifyScheduler.exe” in the task manager window. Then right-click on them and end tasks one by one.

Note: If the environment is hosted, we need to save the settings, log out, and then back in to make sure the settings are still in place.


We may also see if an installed antivirus is interfering with the settings and preventing the application from functioning properly. If this is the case, please make sure that the Webgility folder antivirus is included in the anti-virus exclusions list.

Additional steps:

The above-mentioned troubleshooting should resolve the issue and help you save the changes you are making. If you still face the issue, then you can follow the additional steps mentioned below.

1. DB Upgrade and Utility:

Run DB Upgrade following the help article mentioned below

2. Update Webgility Desktop App:

If the Webgility Desktop App is on the older version, update if following the steps mentioned in the below help article

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