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How to Update Your Webgility Desktop Software
How to Update Your Webgility Desktop Software

How to Update Your Webgility Desktop Software

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How to Update Your Webgility Desktop Software

Webgility undergoes frequent updates to align with evolving technologies that it integrates with, in addition to addressing the requirements of our valued customers. These updates may introduce new features, enhance existing functionalities, or address issues and bugs for a smoother user experience.

Before updating to a newer version of Webgility be sure to:

  • Turn off the scheduler (if running). Learn how to turn off the Webgility Scheduler, here.

  • Create a database backup. If you are not sure how? Learn here.

  • Close Webgility completely on all workstations.

  • Before re-establishing a login, ensure that all workstations are upgraded to the most recent version.

How to upgrade:

1). Log in to the Webgility Desktop application. In the upper right corner, click the letter as shown in the video below.

2). Click My Account, this will launch a new window that will show your account details within the software.

3). In this My Account window, click Manage My Account located on the right-hand side. This will launch a new web browser window that will take you to your Portal account.

4). Once you're in the browser, locate the Downloads section (you may also see a bar on the top of the screen indicating to download the latest version). Here you will find the link to the installer as well as the latest version number.

5). Select the latest version of Webgility under "Software" to initiate the download. Depending on your browser, a zip file may appear in the bottom left corner.

6). Open your computer's downloads folder, locate the "" file, right-click it, and choose "Extract All" to extract the downloaded file.

7). Open the newly extracted folder. Within it, you'll find a subfolder also named "WebgilityDownloader." Right-click on the "WebgilityDownloader Application" and choose "Open."

8). This action will download the essential components of the software needed for the update, which may take some time based on your internet speed.

9). Once the download is complete, you will be guided through an installation wizard. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the upgrade. When prompted about reinstallation, click "Yes."

10). The installation wizard will then remove outdated software components, and the license agreement will appear. Accept the agreement and click "Next" to continue.

11). Click "Yes" to confirm the installation location.

12). Click "Next" to confirm the start menu folder for the software.

13). If you want to create a desktop shortcut, keep the box checked. If not, uncheck it and click "Next."

14). You are now ready to start the installation of the updated software on your computer. To proceed, click "Install."

15). The software will now begin installing on your computer. This process may take several minutes.

16. Once the installation is complete, click "Finish" to launch the Webgility software.

You will now have the latest version of Webgility installed and ready to use.

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