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How to connect Lightspeed X with Webgility Online
How to connect Lightspeed X with Webgility Online
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This article outlines the steps for connecting Webgility Online with Lightspeed POS (X- series).


1. Navigate to Connections and click the blue plus sign next to Sales Channel.

2. Select Lightspeed POS (X-Series), then click Next

3. Select the Time Zone, then click Next

4. On the next screen, select Next for the “Authorize Data Sync”

5. A new Popup Window will open, here you need to enter the store URL, (Store Website) and click Next.

6. Now, enter Lightspeed Username and Password

7. On the next page, approve the connection by clicking “Connect”

8. Once done, this will get back to the Webgility connection page, which confirms the connection is complete. Click Finish.

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