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How to Download the Latest Accounting Data from Scratch
How to Download the Latest Accounting Data from Scratch

How to Download the Latest Accounting Data from Scratch

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How to Download the Latest Accounting Data from Scratch

Items, Customers, and Other Data (Other Data is sometimes known as metadata or the data that is linked to the items and customers) makeup accounting data.

For the Webgility application to function effectively, i.e. to post orders into the accounting software and sync items in a timely manner with correctness, this data must be up to date in Webgility’s database.

Usually, items, customers, etc. download from the last download date when we try to download the products, customers, or both in the Webgility application.

Many times, in this process of doing so, some items get skipped altogether. Hence, there arises a need to download the items from scratch.

Note: To ensure that the Webgility application does not run into any permission issues, it is advised to log into QuickBooks as an administrator before carrying out any of the actions listed below.

1). Download only Items from scratch from the accounting software

To do the same, access the Products Module by clicking on the Products tab.

Next, select the Download Products from Scratch icon located in the top right corner of the QuickBooks All Products menu.

Note: You can also download the Store items from scratch from the Products module itself by accessing the All Products tab for the online store as shown in the screenshot below:

2). Download Items and/or Customers from scratch from QuickBooks

The option is available from Integrations > Get Latest Data & Settings if we need to update the customer's list and/or the items or both from the accounting software into Webgility.

Click on the drop-down associated with the Download Data button and click on Re-Download All Data.

The process of downloading data may take a few minutes depending upon the data in your accounting file.

Once this is complete you will be shown a message indicating that the download was successful.

Troubleshooting Step:

An important troubleshooting step can be followed in the event wherein some of the items, customers, or both fail to download:

Manually Clear Dates from Advanced Settings:

1). Navigate to Integrations> Stores> Advanced Settings.

2). Click Clear for Last download date for QuickBooks Item or Last Download Date for QuickBooks Customers as per requirement and click Save and Close.

Then , as per your requirement, either navigate to the Products module to download the item list from scratch or Get latest Data and Settings to download Items or Customers or both.

Note: We can also perform the same troubleshooting step to download store items if all store items are not downloading in the Webgility application. Reference the screenshot below on how to clear the store items list:

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