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Historical Data download

Webgility enables you to download orders that have been placed within the last 90 days from the date of your subscription. However, if you need to download orders that are older than 90 days, you can purchase an add-on. This add-on allows you to exceed the 90-day download limit and access historical order data. For example, if you need to retrieve orders from the beginning of the previous year, you can utilize the historical add-on to do so.


1). Please visit the website, portal.webgility.com and enter your login details.

2). Select add-ons and scroll down the page until you see "Purchase Addons".

3). On the next screen, you will be guided through the process of purchasing the Historical Data Input add-ons and the cost will be displayed. Once you have selected the options, click on "Continue" to complete the purchase.

4). Once your payment is accepted, the add-ons are instantly added to your account.

Note: Please logout and re-login to Webgility Online for the changes to appear.

Please follow the below instructions on how to download the orders after the Historical Data Add-on is enabled.

5). Navigate to Settings> Connections> Sales Channel> Order Settings, select the backdate, click "Done".

6). Now click Accounting> Orders> New Order> Refresh and in a few minutes your orders should appear in Webgility.

If you were unable to select your preferred back date, feel free to initiate a chat with us or send us an email at support@webgility.com

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