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Multi-channel Inventory Sync - Webgility Online
Multi-channel Inventory Sync - Webgility Online
Synchronize Inventory across stores with Webgility Online
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Webgility Online's "Multi inventory sync feature" allows you to synchronize the inventory quantities across all of your stores if you have more than one.

Note 1: Before we begin, make sure that at least two of your stores are connected and configured in Webgility Online. Only then we will see the Multi-channel Inventory Sync option in Webgility Online.

Note 2: Once you enable the multi-channel inventory sync, you will no longer be able to use the sync function with automation.

How to enable Multi-channel Inventory Sync:

1: Log in to Webgility Online

2: Navigate to Products> Multi Channel Sync

3: Click on the checkbox next to Enable Multi-channel Inventory Sync.

4: You will get a notification that You will no longer be able to use the Sync Products automatically feature. Click Yes.

5: Select the store that you want to choose as Master Inventory.

Note: The quantity from a store that is designated as a master inventory will be updated to the other stores.

6: Choose the Non-Master store.

7: Select the matching criteria:

8: Perform the mappings of all the products that you want to synchronize.

9: Click on Save.

10: Once complete, all of the items you have mapped will have their quantities synced on an hourly basis with the Master Inventory Store.

11: You may repeat the same steps to sync the quantities with your other stores.


Sync Frequency: The sync will happen automatically on an hourly basis.

How many stores can be synced with this feature: All of the stores for which you have completed the item mappings will have their quantities synced from the Master inventory store.

When does the sync start: As soon as you save your mappings by clicking on the “Save” button the sync starts.

Instant synchronization: Just press the refresh button to instantly update the product quantities.

Can Quickbooks and Master Inventory synchronize inventories: Although we can still manually synchronize quantity and price, enabling multi-channel inventory sync eliminates the possibility of doing so automatically.

How to update the quantities on the Master Inventory store:

  1. You can update the inventory quantities manually in the store directly.

  2. You may use Webtility Online to update the inventory quantities from your Quickbooks to your online store, but it can only be done manually.

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