Consolidated sync, also known as batch sync, allows you to post multiple sales orders in your accounting solution using one transaction as opposed to one per order.

If you have high volume sales, we recommended posting your sales as consolidated. This way, you don’t need to check a significant number of transactions in your accounting solution to reconcile your sales income. You can consolidate your online sales by daily, weekly, or monthly based on your need or order volume.

How to Set Up Consolidation

1. Navigate to Integration > Accounting / POS / ERP > Posting Settings.

2. Then, go to Order > Posting > Post Orders in Groups.

Once you choose your consolidation settings, two more options are visible.

  • The first option is Group By. This gives you the option to choose from Daily/Weekly/Monthly/Manually. For Daily/Weekly/Monthly, you'll need to enable the scheduler to post orders as consolidation. For Manually, you'll be able to select multiple orders from the dashboard and post them as consolidated.

  • The second option is to use the scheduler to start posting orders as consolidation from a selected date.

Recommended Settings for Consolidation

3. It is recommended that you select Daily consolidation, though you do have the option to use Weekly, Monthly or Manually. Note: if you choose Manually, this will not work with Webgility Scheduler.

4. You will need to set the auto-create options while using the consolidation option because Webgility is grouping the order items and one item may belong to multiple orders. You will also need to set the inventory site location. Note: this is only applicable for QuickBooks Enterprise users.

5. Because Webgility is grouping the orders and orders may have different customers, you will need to select the option Use this customer for all orders. Note: this setting is required if you are using consolidated sync.

5. You will then need to select Record sales tax calculated from online store as a line item in QuickBooks.

6. Additionally, you can set the buffer of consolidation by navigating to Integration > Store > Advance settings > Other.

Post Consolidation

7. For Weekly, Monthly, and Daily consolidation options, you will need to make an adjustment to the Webgility Scheduler settings so Webgility will automatically group the orders.

8. If you set the Manual option, you will need to select the orders that need to be grouped, and click Post to QuickBooks. Webgility will ask for a confirmation and then create the consolidated transaction. You can set Remember this action if you do not want to provide confirmation every time.

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