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Manage User Privileges and Login Details
Manage User Privileges and Login Details

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Permissions can be set within Webgility Desktop by the admin user, who can limit or grant usage within a particular area of Webgility.

Even if an admin user grants all permissions, the add-on user will not be able to perform the following:

  • Manage stores or add new stores

  • Adjust QuickBooks or store connections

  • Run the scheduler

When given permission to utilize the shipping module, the add-on user is able to perform the following:

  • Configure shipping providers

  • Set default settings for QuickBooks shipment manager and retrieve tracking ID

  • Adjust printers and label save locations


1. To assign privileges to additional users, go to your account settings by clicking on the top right of Webgility Desktop and selecting Manage Users.

2. Here you can delegate responsibilities to each add-on user.

3. To view the login details, go to your account settings and click My Account.

4. When you click Last Login Details, you will see the following screen with login details for the main user, as well as all additional users. The login date and time as well as the user status - active or inactive, are shown here as well.

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