Configure how your taxes should be managed for your store profile in Webgility and also how they need to be recorded in NetSuite.

1. To get started go to Integrations > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings.

2. Select Sales Tax and choose how you want to handle sales tax. If your online store doesn't charge taxes, select This online store does not collect sales tax. This option is usually applicable if your business is related to the medical field, a school, or a non-profit.

3. If you want NetSuite to calculate taxes, select Let NetSuite re-calculate sales tax. Then, choose your tax codes for both taxable and non-taxable orders. If there are no tax codes available for selection, create the tax codes in NetSuite and pull them into Webgility by clicking the refresh icon on the top right.

If you have different taxes in different states and/or cities, select the appropriate checkbox and then click Setup Tax Locations. In order to create a location, you must set up a sales tax item in NetSuite.

4. If you need to set up tax locations, select the respective shipping states, shipping cities, and NetSuite sales tax items, then click Save. If you want to create a new location, click Add New City.

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