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How to Record Refunds in QuickBooks Point Of Sale
How to Record Refunds in QuickBooks Point Of Sale
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Let’s assume that last week you received an order and posted it to Point Of Sale (POS) successfully, but today, seven days after the order was placed, the customer requested a refund. How do you record this?

Once a refund is initiated from an online store, Webgility detects the refunded orders through your online store’s order status and records the refund orders information from the online store to POS. Then, it reverses the order in POS and creates a return receipt for that particular order. Learn how below.

Follow these steps to post refunds to QuickBooks Point Of Sale:

1. Once the refund process is completed through your online store, Webgility detects the refund status and downloads the refund order details.

2. When opening the order summary, you will see a new tab titled Returns which contains any return orders.

3. By selecting Post Refund you will receive a prompt to adjust the item quantity. You can then select to Post to QuickBooks POS.

4. Once the return is successfully posted, Webgility will reverse the order from Quickbooks POS and create a return receipt for this particular order.

Next, automate this process with the following steps:

  1. Enable the Auto Refund posting option by selecting it in Posting Rules. To access go to Integrations Menu > Accounting/POS/ERP > Posting Settings.

2. While configuring the scheduler settings, enable the Post Refund option in Webgility Scheduler Settings.

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