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Overview Of Your Customer Portal / My Account
Overview Of Your Customer Portal / My Account

Using the customer portal to manage your Webgility subscription.

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Using the customer portal to manage your Webgility subscription.

Your Customer Portal provides you with all of your information on your Webgility Subscription. This includes account information, billing, upgrades, downloads, and software updates.


To get started, access the customer portal by navigating to and log in with your credentials.

My Account Homepage

Once logged in, you'll see your portal home screen known as My Account. Here, you'll find an overview of your current Webgility Subscription, Payment information, Contact Information, Downloads, and Support resources.

Plan & Usage

On the left side navigation, find the chart icon to overview your Plan & Usage information.

Scroll down the page to see your usage. This includes the number of orders downloaded from the store and the number of orders posted to QuickBooks. You can post unlimited orders to QuickBooks but order downloads from the store will be limited according to the number of Monthly Orders included in your subscription. In the case that you’re exceeding your monthly order limit, you will have order overage charges for that month. You can always increase your order limit at any time right in the portal in the Add-ons section.

Billing & Add-on Services

For a more detailed overview of your Billing, click the $ icon on the left side menu. Here, you'll find your next bill due date, credit card information, billing cycle, and billing history. If needed, you can also download a receipt from your recent transactions.

As a reminder, if you ever need to make billing changes please send an email to from the email associated with your Webgility account. Our team will reply within 2 business days.

To explore Add-Ons, select the + icon on the left side menu. Here, you'll find an overview of the users associated with your account, your current sales channels, and the ability to purchase more users or sales channels.

If you continue to scroll down, you'll also see a section designated for Pro Services.

If you'd like to add additional services, select Purchase Pro Services and you'll be directed to a page that overviews your current plan and shows you a list of add-ons.

Select Continue to complete the checkout process and confirm your payment method.

If this article didn't answer all your questions, you can always chat with us. Just click the blue chat circle on the bottom right corner of this page and you'll be connected to a Webgility Support team member.

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